A consulting and coaching company with a single focus.  That focus is on bringing out the best in Supply Management from its practices to its people.

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Thinking Outside the Box

It doesn’t take a total transformation to improve your SCM department it just takes the right guidance. The good news is that getting there doesn’t require tearing up what you have and starting over.

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There are three  guiding principles for managing and improving your supply chain. Your ability to understand what they are, what they mean, as well as how to respond to them is what will set you apart from the rest of the pack.


 There many great highly educated, and talented young people entering the industry. What they don’t have is experience.  We know that book smart doesn’t make you street smart.  But we’ve got you covered with 40 years of related experience in all areas  of  Supply Management.


Challenges & Changes

Supply Managements value proposition to the organization comes from its strategy for managing costs.  The concept of constantly looking for ways to reduce costs is no longer a applicable. A goal of cost cutting is like hopping on a wheel a never stops turning with no end in site.  Understanding what and where all costs originate is a step in the right direction, but it is just one of many that will provide clear and measurable results.  It isn’t rocket science it is an applied practice.  SCMst can help you determine what new practices need to be adopted and which processes need to be modified to help deliver value at all level of the organization.


You don't have to biggest to be best!

Being a small to medium size company should mean that you are more nimble and able to changes quickly. 

With your size as your strength now it the time to let your Supply Management Team create and deliver a value proposition not possible in larger organizations.

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Time is money

As the market changes there is little time for companies to get geared up let alone time to attempt transforming their processes.  That challenge becomes even more of an issue if during the down time staff was reduced.  SCMst understands, having been through the many ups,  down and changes in  the market.  It is that experience that can mentor new and existing SCM teams in a manner that not only get the work done but improves how it is done.

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